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How much does it cost?

AH, the most important question! 

The cost is min £25.00 per session, this should be paid as a donation to either the RNLI or Forever Friends Appeal charity of the Royal United Hospital Bath Foundation Trust. Please provde me with proof of the donation, I am not able to transfer the donation myself. 

Do Flower Remedies work, isn't it just mind over matter?

When I first started using the remedies, and was asked this question, I always said I didn't think it mattered.

If the effect is positive, who cares why it works, and there is no doubt the mind is a powerful thing.

However, when I started using the remedies with animals, who have no sense of expectation and do not even know they are taking the remedies, the results were amazing.   Yes it works.

What is Vaughan Town?

Really? Yes why not!

Vaughan Town is an amazing experience based close to Madrid, where you have a holiday in return for talking. Well when I say holiday, you will work a min 80 hours in 5.5 days but it is terrific fun and you will meet some incredible people.

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Minerva Healing

Emma Haskell LRPS, BFR AP,

S.A.P Dip (Animal Psychology)

Trained with the Bach Centre and Natural Animal Centre.

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