Bach for Animals

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals

Bach Flower Remedies are used to increase an animal's welfare.

They are safe and natural.

They are a complimentary remedy, not an alternative to veterinary care or prescribed medicines.

Why Consult An Animal Practitioner?

My cat, (dog, lizard etc) has started acting strangely, can Flower Remedies help?

Any sudden change in behaviour, appetite or appearance of your pet should be investigated by their Vet before any other action is taken, even if you believe you are sure of the cause.

Once illness or injury has been ruled out, then yes Flower Remedies are very likely to be helpful. 

Can I approach any Flower Remedy Practitioner?

Yes you can, but there is an increased risk of a non-specialist practitioner mistakenly using the incorrect remedies. This will not cause harm, but neither will it be effective. This is why the Bach Centre advocate the specialised training.

A specialist animal practitioner has been trained to see the problem from an animals’ point of view and will have a far more detailed knowledge of animal welfare and behaviour, making their remedy choices much more accurate.

They will also have the correct insurance cover and be aware of any legal restrictions regarding treatment of animals.

A qualified animal practitioner will also have knowledge of other sources of help available, for example if the animal needing help has aggression issues, then input from other specialists may be suggested.

Do I have to advise my Vet?

Yes. In the UK it is currently illegal to treat any animal that is not your own.

A vet referral will be required to consult and treat your animal, this is due to the fact that the Vet retains responsibility for the health and welfare of the animal concerned.

Referrals can often be given verbally, dependant on the case.

If your vet requires further information about the remedies, this is available by email or post, please email.

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Minerva Healing

Emma Haskell LRPS, BFR AP,

S.A.P Dip (Animal Psychology)

Trained with the Bach Centre and Natural Animal Centre.

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